Inside the Tricahue Park:

Many hiking trails are marked out in this beautiful very close private park. From one hour to a few days of walk, discover the richness of this private park. Here are some examples of trails, with the necessary time to go (not to come back!).

From the refuge to the Tricahue river

One hour of walk, which can give you a good appreciation of the river, lost in the mountains, surrounded by granite rocks, in the middle of a native forest with typical trees and bamboos. There are various possibilities to have a river bath. Lots of sunbathing insects and lizards can be seen.

From the refuge to the "mirador"

(vantage point of the Tricahue river, the San Pedro and San Paulo volcanoes). Three hours of walk are necessary to reach the "mirador", an hour and a half necessary to climb the slope of the mountain, to discover an unforgettable landscape…

From the refuge to the centenary tree

("El Tata"). Some beautiful two hours walk to go to greet an old and big coïgue tree, at the edge of the Armerillo River… and then keep on walking if you wish to…

The Motor

At one hour from the old coïgue tree. Relics of a vapor motor, looking like a locomotive, formerly used to cut tree trunks. Situated within the Park's heart. Quietness, nature, nature… From there, you can go back down to the Tricahue river and the Refuge (two hours more to the refuge), or follow to Vilches (10 hours), or to the "Laguna del Alto" (5 hours), or… (see the maps at your refuge).

The Picudos

One of the most beautiful hike: 11 round-trip hours for a superb expedition (guiding essential!) to the top of the Picudos, where the gorgeous view will make you forget the difficulties of the ascension. Possibilities to see some condors!

Senderos de Chile (Chilean trails):

Very close to the Refuge, be tempted to follow the famous chilean trail. Chilean trails are marked out pathways crossing Chile from North to South, through the cordillera! More information at

Melado valley (two or three days)

From the Refuge, following pathways only known by arrieros, going up at the edge of the Melado river, passing by the lake of the same name, you can reach a place where the local inhabitants always live as formerly, in a high preserved environment.

Pehuenche mountain (one day)

Situated in front of the refuge. After having climbed this mountain without much difficulty until 1000 meters of altitude, you will reach a promontory. From there, sat next to a little twisted Roble trees forest, you will have a splendid view of the region. And with a bit of luck, you will see condors flying at a few meters above your heads (rarer in summer). Going to the summit (at 1500 m) will take a bit more of courage…

La Campana Mountain

One of the best and most easy summit of the area, la Campana offers you all the Andes at your feeths. With a 360 grades view, it’s possible to see the Volcano Descabezado Grande, the San Pedro, the cerro Azul, most of the rivers, and the roofs of the Refugio Tricahue in the valley. Highly recommended.

Trough el Paso Pehuenche

By car, driving to the road to Argentina, there are plenty of highlights to discover: Termals bathes, Rainbaw waterfalls, Maule Waterfalls, trekkings at the Maule Lagoon, and more. This is a normal one day trip.

Two days Circuit in the mountains, laguna del Alto, . . . for all these largers excursions, and much more, information at the refuge!