Bicycle tours

We would like you to know how it feels cycling on unknown roads, surrounded by splendid landscapes. Going out from the refuge, we offer you some excursions, but you might go further or opt for other ways.

In direction of Argentina:

  • Medano's thermal pools - 60 km back and forth in one day
  • Campanario's thermal pools - 120 km back and forth in two days
  • Maule's Lagoon - 166 km back and forth in two or three days

In direction of Talca:

  • Colbun Lake - 20 km

In direction of Linares:

  • Around the Colbun Lake, a beautiful trip, with possibility to go to eat to the very good gastronomic restaurant Chez l'Habitant, at 30 kms, which can be the aim of the day - 60 km in total


We propose you our own bicycles TREK X600, the same ones that brought us to Chile (see web site LaTerreavelo). With aluminum frame, disc brakes, Shimano Deore. Possibilities to add Ortlib bags.

Price per bicycle:

Per hour: 4 dollars (about $ 2000).

Per day: 15 dollars (about $ 7500).

Ortlieb bags: 3 dollars all (about $ 1500).