For nature lovers, whom would enjoy very much to ally the pleasure of fishing with a nice trek, we suggest different options… Without any pretensions, the aim not being to empty the river, but offering you a nice moment fishing a few small trouts, or, if luck and experience are present, a huge specimen of Fario or Rainbow trout of more than one kilo…

All river only contain trouts, waters being too tumultuous and cold for other species. It is however possible to get some Pejerrey or Black-bass in the Maule river.

NO KILL: All the fish caught should be released into the river, but, sometimes, and in function of the place, it might be possible to enjoy a good one at the barbecue…

  • Maule River - In front of the refuge (200 meters). Good surprises may happen in function of the river's flow… It is a large river, with tumultuous waters.
  • Melado River - A bit further, the Melado River always hides a big one within its waterfalls.
  • Tricahue River - This is the river where fishes come to reproduce. We would like it to be a private fishing site, as the local fishermen destroy it "taking everything". The river is shallow, but with an important amount of trouts. Far from civilization, the biggest are trout.
  • Claro River - This river still should be more investigated. It is difficult to fish in it, with capricious and wild trouts, strong streams and big sleeping holes… many places where THE trout can hide. Difficult to be reached.

And there is more, if you enjoyed those ones


We propose you a very simple equipment: equipped throwing fishing rod with its stuf.

Price of the equipment:

4 dollars (about $ 2000).

Price of the guide:

Half a day: 10 dollars ($ 5000) / person.

A day: 15 dollars ($ 7500) / person.