Thermal pools

The area offers two places with free access thermal baths.

Medano thermal baths:

The thermal baths are filled with warm water springs coming up from the earth, at the edge of the Maule river, and are simply delimited with stone circles. There are little caves where the local people enjoy very much having a natural "vapor bath". In summer, it is generally crowded. You can reach the place by bus. It is located at about 30 km of the "Refugio del Tricahue".

Campanario thermal baths

Campanario thermal baths, are quieter, with less people coming and its water are hotter but it is further too. It is on the road to go to the Maule's Lagoon, at 60 km of the refuge. Splendid landscapes. Unfortunately, there are no buses that go there.

The organization of a day trip to the thermal bath or to the "Laguna del Maule" is conversable with the refuge's owners.