The Refuge (Cottage-Hostel)

Lost in the vegetation, in a very quiet place, far from the stress of town and the classical travel roads, this little paradise is reserved for nature lovers in search of authenticity… From the refuge, you can do very beautiful trekkings in the very close private Tricahue Park, enter to Altos del Lircay National Park, discover the valleys, the little typical Chilean villages or see beautiful rivers. At some meters from the refuge, discover the main rivers of the area, and have a bath or fish in it. (Maule River, Tricahue, Claro, Armerillo and Melado join almost in front of the refuge).

The refuge is shared, like a kind of youth hotel, and almost half of the visitors are foreigner, which permit the culture exchange. We speak French, English, Spanish, a bit of Dutch and Chinese.

Built on the bases of the gold number for wellness of its visitors, the cottage-hostel is equipped for 12 persons maximum, and a private cabin offers a glass roof for looking at the stars from the bed, for a maximum of 4 persons.